Where O’ Where Should These Unwanted Ads Go?

Poor, poor ads. They’re skipped, muted and ignored. They make people angry and annoyed and whiny. Not exactly an advertiser’s desired response.

Understandably, people have never enjoyed being inconvenienced by someone or something vying for their attention and/or their wallet at the most inopportune time. By inopportune we mean never.

As TV networks continue to lose audience share but increase ad time costs, the once coveted 30-second television ad is going the way of dvds and the printer and well everything else that goes away. We’ve seen the migration of ads from tv to social media platforms and they’re growing at a crazy rate. According to this article on Wired, 2016 saw 37% of US media ad buys going digital and by 2020, that number is set to increase to 46%. We will challenge that and say that that number will be even higher. More and more brands like Adidas are opting to bypass tv altogether. Ok so we’re not blowing anyone’s mind here. I’m pretty sure most people are aware that television, as a platform, is dying. It’s fine. The tvs may be going away but the content isn’t and nor are the ads.

Ads are essential. I know that sounds icky but it’s true. Advertising and sponsorship is necessary to fund the very shows and movies you can’t get enough of. Whether it be online or on tv or shamelessly all over Jurassic World, they are essential.

Though the title of this article inquires about where ads should pop up, it’s really more about how can they be more effective or perhaps, less disliked? This wasn’t meant to be an informative piece btw, but more of a hybrid op-ed meets quest-ed (question editorial). Yes we’re making this shit up.

So then, on to you consumer. What kind of ads do you enjoy or even cause you to want to share? Do you prefer when a brand can make light of itself and incorporate humour into its concepts? Are you less annoyed by a brand sticking itself into an ad attached to a great cause? What ad have you seen lately that you enjoyed?

We believe that brands have more access and more flexibility than ever before. Sensibilities continue to change and evolve as taboos continue to fall. Social media has allowed for brands to explore longer form stories and short films . Brands can now collaborate with celebrities and influencers and do live campaigns.

The times they are changing brands. It’s not about the clicks but rather the retention.  It’s not that people loathe ads. They loathe bad ads. So stop thinking like an advertiser and start thinking like a viewer because guess what, you ARE one.

You can skip this article in 5 seconds.

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