A Canopy Made For Video

One of our absolute favourite clients is Canopy Growth Corporation.

If you’re unfamiliar with Canopy now, you will most likely know who they are in the near future. Canopy Growth is Canada’s largest medicinal marijuana umbrella corporation and some may argue, the world’s largest. As Canada works towards making marijuana recreationally legal by or before July 1st 2018, the marijuana industry is literally exploding and Canopy is leading that charge.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Canopy for 2 years now. They are not only pioneers in their industry but are a brand that gets that having stories is important to the relationship they build with their consumers. They also get that video is THE best way to tell those stories.

Case in point, we recently produced a video for their 2017 Annual General Meeting. I know, right, you’re thinking “Omg! I can’t wait to watch a corporate video about policy and news updates addressed to shareholders!” We feel you but here’s the thing, normally what would be a sterile power-point presentation can now be brought to life and have emotion injected into it. In fact, we believe that it’s the responsibility of an agency or marketing firm to help guide companies to that conclusion: that what might seem only remotely interesting to a certain audience can, in fact captivate a broader audience and create a better brand loyalty.

Don’t take our word for it though. Check out the reactions from investors that quickly commented the day the video was released:

Canopy Growth - Reddit

It’s always a great feeling to see the impact your video can make for a brand but the cherry on the cake was the feedback we received from Canopy itself. The same video used to excite consumers is now being used by their sales team to foster new business and universities are using it to do a business case on them.

Ok brand ambassadors, we’ve done our part to bring storytelling + video to the forefront of your minds once again. What you do now is up to you.

Lastly,  if you’re interested, here’s the video:

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