What’s A Story?

According to friends and colleagues, we’ve been in need of a reel for some time now. We get it. We make branded films for others and yet have nothing about us. Though we’ve been busy, the real reason for not making one is that we’re not particularly fond of reels. A lot of them are just clips from various projects cobbled together. Throw in some random music and there you have it, a ‘We’re not sure what you’re showcasing’.

When it came to our own brand film, we approached the  “who are we?” and “why should people care?” the same way we would with any of our clients. The first question was easy, we’re storytellers. I know, Storytellers? Really? Seven years ago when we first built Crucial Pictures, that term meant something. Now it seems to be awash in a sea of popular marketing terms and buzz words. In fact, some people, like this guy, are really irritated by it : This Guy.

We hear you Stefan. It used to bother us too but then we sat back and realized that sometimes things trend and other times, people use words because they feel like it. The truth is, besides a beginning and an end, who’s to define what a story is and more importantly what makes it great? Maybe Amazon has the right idea? Amazon the storytellers.

It’s all subjective though isn’t it? Where you grew up, what your parents were like, if you were bullied as a child, the fact that you love cheese…. everything that individualizes us will weigh in on what we find particularly interesting. Thus, a story can be many things to many people.

In the end we took a look at the breadth of footage we have from years of filmmaking and challenged ourselves to answer that simple question, “What’s a story?” Through various shots, we assembled what a story COULD potentially be. In other words, one of a million possibilities. This is what we came up with:


So what is a story? A story can be anything. But what makes a story great is a great storyteller. Because no matter how subjective we may be, if a story isn’t told well, it isn’t worth telling at all.

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