Everything is Better in Slow Mo

We were fortunate this year to be a Silver sponsor at DYPB16. In fact, it was so much fun that our 2 days there passed by so quickly…or should we say, slowly.

Discover Your Personal Brand’ is Canada’s biggest personal branding conference. Bobby Umar and his team invited us to set up a booth and talk about everything Crucial. We had a chance to showcase some of our branded videos and take some headshots but of course the piece de resistance, the thing that always reverts adults back to children, is our slow motion set-up.

With a table full of trinkets and the kind of paraphernalia that would make raver kids squeal with joy, we invited attendees to grab what they wanted and act out as we filmed them. Well, they lined up.


Fun aside, we met some amazing people and gained some perspective on building our own brand. With the combined guest list of thought-leaders, high-profile experts and successful entrepreneurs, how could we not.

One of our favourites was the “Targeting Your Branded Tribe” session with David Cravit, Vice President of Zoomer Media.  David told us that his intent that day was to shake things up. He wasn’t going to sugar coat the fact that millennials are categorically being seen as soft and whiny. They could stand to learn from their grandparents, the boomers, that lived in a much less privileged time. We at Crucial are a tribe that stands in between both of those generational groups so while we see both sides, we do believe that the trend for upcoming generations is a little concerning. David is a tell-it-like-it-is kind of guy and we love that about him. You can read more of David’s blog posts here.

Next up was Vijay Setlur, who convinced us that success demands goals, and you must have a long term plan that systematically achieves those goals. He referenced his development skills, helping to turn the Schulich MBA Program into a haven for sports marketing talent.

Jennifer Huggins is an amazing fighter; both in the ring, and out. She is the Executive Director of Fight to End Cancer, a charity that has raised over $500,000 to help end cancer. When we brought up Justin Trudeau’s boxing event vs Patrick Brazeau, her eyes lit up. As it turned out, she helped facilitate that event. Her plan is to raise one million dollars by 2018. We have no doubt that she’ll knock that number out. Oh and by the way, our request to have her punch us in slow motion was kindly and thankfully turned down. She opted for catching a baby instead. Thanks Jennifer!

Finally, we enjoyed listening to Jagmeet Singh in the ‘Personal Brand Leadership All Stars’ session. This guy is hands down the most balanced person in politics! He is a fighter. He has fought for everything in his life, whether it was fighting on the streets in high school, fighting for success in university, fighting discrimination or fighting in his martial arts classes. His message was simple, if you fight, you can be every bit the success you want out of life. This may not be the first time you’ve heard this, but it’s nice to be reminded, especially from someone who lived it.

As we continue to grow our own brand, it was humbling to be surrounded by like-minded people and learn from masters of their own brand at DYPB16.

Our take-away was this. Just because you, as an individual may not have a logo or slogan, you are a brand and thus should always act according to how you want your brand to be interpreted and received. Truth is, no one remembers a terrible brand.

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