Your Message is Everything

Your message, your relevancy and your video advantage are 3 of the main focuses you must have for your brand’s digital marketing success. This article is in three parts. In this first part, let’s focus on ‘Your Message’.

Your Message is Everything

It would be ridiculous for someone to think a great product is all you need in order to own the hearts and minds of consumers. A great product with a misaligned or a poorly conveyed message risks losing its advantage over its competition. An amazing company creates the best products and matches that with the most intriguing message. It’s the message that convinces. Let’s look at an example of one of the most powerful brands in the world: Tony Robbins. His message of betterment for all humans is rooted in passion, gripped by a desire for positive change, and is proof that the message is the brand.

We all love the excitement, shiny white teeth and the desire to make people better. I remember when I was 10 years old, waking up to play hockey at 5 AM. I would flick on the tube and as I was making breakfast, I remember being fixated by this man on the screen. He was passionate, expressive, and more than anything else, engaging. Although he was older, it didn’t matter. He tore through a generational gap and was able to impact some kid on a couch with his message. He is proof that the message is the brand. For Tony, the message is everything, telling a compelling story that motivates people to take action – get off your couch and do something, young man.

Tony Robbins makes the message because he is helping people along the way. If you ask him why he does seminars, he will say, it is to improve the lives of everyone on the planet. His message and his desire are inseparable, and that is why when you think “public speaking”, you think Tony Robbins.

The Power of Gestures

Tony delivers his message like no other. There are 4 classic motions he uses when addressing his audience.

  1. The chest thud – He literally slaps his chest when driving home a point. This is my new favourite move.
  2. The hand slice – This is where Tony does a chopping motion with his right hand into his left.
  3. The finger snap – We all do it, but not like Tony. It’s as if he is snapping us out of a hypnotic state.
  4. The open chest with arms wide – It’s just powerful. It actually made the cover of his new Netflix movie.

Check out the video for yourself.


These are just some of the techniques he uses to connect with his audience. If you haven’t seen his latest seminar on Netflix,  “I AM NOT YOUR GURU”, you should.  While you’re at it, try and count the amount of times he uses the gestures we pointed out earlier. Ok, “SNAP!”, next paragraph!

Tony pushed me to be a better hockey player and motivated me to be a passionate presenter. He was in your car with cassettes in the 90’s, you could watch him on TV everyday, and we all remember the Personal Power VHS tapes. His message was everywhere. His message will always withstand the test of time,  only the method by which it is put out there will change. Tony truly represents a powerhouse of marketing. Everything is purposefully done to make sure his message is the delivered in the most profound way.

Enough about Tony. This is about you and your own message. Make sure your message stands out. Make a decision to create content that motivates your staff and clearly embodies the passion you have towards your own brand. The most effective vessel to deliver that message is video.

So, to recap, what are you doing to get your message out there? Are people seeing your passion? Do you leave no doubt in their minds that they MUST work with you rather than your competitor? Don’t just put words in front of you, make sure they know how you feel.

Thanks for pushing everyone to feel great, Tony Robbins.

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